Gel Nails

Beautiful looking nails are not just a fashion statement these days but are essential for woman of today. With new Trendy nails and nail art avaiable today, there is a great collection of designs to choose from. Whilst they are all fabulous nails, some women go for the funky, vibrant designs with nail arts or pink and whites, while others want to go for a more simple look and choose gel nails or natural manicure.


UV Gel is a liquid which may be applied directly onto the natural nail or a tip extension. It can be done in clear or French look.


Whilst Gel and Acrylic nails both produce a similar finish, UV Gel nails are stronger, and are a perfect solution for nails that break, damage or crack easily. They also have a lovely natural look which won’t remove easily.

Applying Gel nails to your original nails is a skilled step-by-step process where the gel nail is built up, sculpted and treated under a UV lamp.

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